Here’s a fun scenario: you make an amazing website with great usability, all the products you could sell, and it’s even mobile ready; but you can’t seem to gain the traffic you’re hoping for! Ahhh, the frustration of search engines and how they crawl data has begun. Enter value-added content. When we talk about value-added content what do we even mean? Basically it is any unique content that you have created specifically for your business that a consumer can’t get elsewhere. It’s what makes your site special.  Anything from your very own blog post to a YouTube video you just uploaded. Maybe it’s a webinar or podcast you’ve created. How about a newsletter people can subscribe to?

If I had to pick one I would say blogging has definitely become a super important commodity for small and large businesses alike that will help set your site apart from others. You’re own original thoughts that show who you are and what you’re marketing. It helps create that unique brand showcasing who you are as a business. Search engine optimization is constantly evolving and the days of keyword stuffing seem to not-so-slowly be fading. Without that value-added content, getting your website to rank well on not only Google but other search engine platforms is going to be an uphill battle.

So get on that blogging people! Let the world wide web and search engines alike see who you are! Happy Marketing 🙂